Scientific activity, which has the right to develop and which is indicated in articles must be duly recognized. For any author his scientific work is the most valuable material, which would like to be told to the whole world. This can be achieved by the publication of the article in scientific journals and indexing in the citation database.

Publication of scientific article opens great opportunities for the author. As a result the publication will obtain reactions from scientific community; it will be duly recognized and can be cited in other works that will bring fame and professional growth to the author. But today it is very difficult to achieve popularity by publishing in local journals. That is why many people strive to publish their work in journals of international citation databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, ERIH PLUS and others.

Our company provides assistance with the publication of articles in database journals such as Scopus, Web of Science, ERIH PLUS and in other citation indexes as it is very difficult to succeed on publication of own work without any support. To accomplish it there is a need to fulfill a big list of requirements, such as translation of the article into English, absolute literacy and preparation of related documents. All this can be executed by our specialists, who are preparing scientific articles for publication in international journals and in citation indexes for many years.

We can also perform urgent publication of the article, which is needed in case of emergency. For those authors who prepare works by their own, we propose an article readiness audit and all related stages.

Working with us, you will save precious time and get guaranteed result by way of published article.